The Project

Five Parks Lot One is a new building being constructed in The Village Square in The Village of Five Parks in Arvada, Colorado.  The building will be similar in design to the existing mixed use buildings in The Village Square and will be composed of first floor commercial/retail and second floor residential.  The first floor commercial/retail space is currently planned to be divided into three leasable units with one unit targeted as a restaurant.  The second floor will be residential with the owners/developers being a resident in this space.


The Owners/Developers

Jaime and Corie Miles are the owners, developers and future residents of Five Parks Lot One.  They are both Colorado natives who, aside from a three year expatriate assignment in London, have lived in Colorado their entire lives.  Jaime and Corie both grew up in Aurora, Colorado and they both graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder (Go Buffs).

Jaime and Corie are the proud parents of Joshua, Ethan, Andrew and Kaily who range in ages from 10 to 18.  Joshua is following in his parents footsteps by attending the University of Colorado Boulder, Ethan and Andrew both attend Ralston Valley High School and are a junior and freshmen respectively, and Kaily is a fourth grader at Meiklejohn Elementary School.  The family also has a dog named Koda, who is featured in the banner picture, and a hamster named Humphrey.

Vocationally Jaime leads Video Operations for Charter Communications and Corie is a Stay At Home Mom.  Outside of their day jobs they are both passionate about serving in the community and world.  Corie volunteers at The Gloria Pruessner Memorial Food Bank which is a local food bank in old town Arvada.  Jaime is on the board for Beautiful Response which is a non-profit organization serving orphans and widows in Uganda and Haiti.  Additionally Jaime and Corie both serve regularly at their home church Ascent Community Church.