Crazy Idea

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So back in 2007 I remember thinking the piece of land for sale in the Village of Five Parks in Arvada Colorado, where we lived, would be a very cool piece of land to develop.  The lot was situated in the middle of the neighborhood just east of the depot and north of the amphitheater.  There were already mixed use buildings around it with commercial/retail on the first floor and apartments/condos on the second floor.  I figured that whoever built up this piece of land would do something similar and would have a great building to lease.  At the time I did not think much about considering a project like this as we were getting ready to move to England.  When we got back in 2010 we returned to our home in the Village of Five Parks and I remember noticing that the land was still for sale, but I was working through my future employment plans and we were still not in a place to consider a project like this.

This month as I passed this same piece of land for the hundredth time I thought to myself that if someone put a rooftop deck on the building it would be amazing.  Then it dawned on me.  What if we bought the land and constructed a building with commercial on the first floor that we would lease, a second and third floor residence, and a rooftop deck for the residence.  Today I brought up the concept to my wife who thought I was crazy, as always, but we agreed to start investigating the idea.